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Coming from a family with deep Métis roots and a history advocating for Indigenous rights and services, Shani is helping pave the road for the future generations of Indigenous people in Alberta–including her kids.

About this video: Métis in Alberta

There are over 96,000 Métis living throughout Alberta, making it the province with the largest Métis population. Métis are descendants of the mixed families of First Nations and early fur traders. While many think that Métis encompasses all individuals of mixed Indigenous heritage, it refers specifically to those who are members of the Métis Nation which has its own distinct customs, language, territory, and way of life which distinguish them from other Peoples.

Prior to being known as Métis, the word Otipemisiwak–meaning the free people, the ones who own themselves–was used.

The historical and present relationship between Métis and Canadian governments is complex. Today, Métis organizations across the country continue to work towards self-government by developing new relationships with federal and provincial governments.

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