Annie Neevee Buscemi

Iqaluit, Nunavut

Growing up with her grandmother, Annie always had a role model full of life lessons. The biggest lesson she learned was how to take a step back and recharge when needed. Now a mental health advocate on TikTok, Annie shares the importance of taking time for yourself to heal and grow.

Though Annie has lived most of her life in Iqaluit, her grandmother is from Kimmirut, a small Inuit community 121 km southwest of Iqaluit, and she considers it part of her home. No matter where she is, Annie knows that getting out on the land and appreciating the beauty of the world around us is form of self-care and healing.

When Annie was looking for a career, she chose the trades because of her Inuit culture. “A lot of Inuit built things from scratch, and construction is kind of the same way. You’re building something from nothing.”

Today, many tradespeople are flown up to Iqaluit for work but not all understand Inuit. Annie sees her work as an opportunity to both help her community and get more Inuit interested in the trades. If Annie could share one message with Inuit youth it is that “we are thriving.”

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